SWARM-BOT: Pattern Formation in a Swarm of Self-Assembling Mobile Robots
Sahin Erol, Labella Thomas Halva, Trianni Vito, Deneubourg Jean-Louis, Rasse Philippe, Floreano Dario, Gambardella Luca Maria, Mondada Francesco, Nolfi Stefano, Dorigo Marco


In this paper we introduce a new robotic system, called swarm-bot. The system consists of a swarm of mobile robots with the ability to connect to/disconnect from each other to self-assemble into different kinds of structures. First, we describe our vision and the goals of the project. Then we present preliminary results on the formation of patterns obtained from a grid-world simulation of the system.

Swarm-bots project started
on October 1,2001
The project terminated
on March 31, 2005.
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