Evolving the "feeling" of time through sensory-motor coordination: a robot-based model
Tuci Elio, Trianni Vito, Dorigo Marco


In this paper, we aim to design decision-making mechanisms for an autonomous robot equipped with simple sensors, which integrates over time its perceptual experience in order to initiate a simple signalling response. Contrary to other similar studies, in this work the decisionmaking is uniquely controlled by the time-dependent structures of the agent's controller, which in turn are tightly linked to the mechanisms for sensory-motor coordination. The results of this work show that a single dynamic neural network, shaped by evolution, makes an autonomous agent capable of feeling time through the ow of sensations determined by its actions.

Swarm-bots project started
on October 1,2001
The project terminated
on March 31, 2005.
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