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Finding object/goal

In this section we describe the experiments related to finding an object. In order to explore the environment the s-bots form visually connected chains with the aim to connect different locations, such as, for instance, a nest and a goal(prey). Such a chain can then be used by other s-bots to globally navigate in the environment making use of local information only.

We conducted two series of experiments. The first one is devoted to the analysis of the dynamics of the chain formation process. In the second series of experiments, the system's capability to locate and connect to a goal object is tested.

Chain formation
We study a group of three robots performing chain formation by analysing the number of formed chains and their length when varying two probabilistic system parameters.
Goal search
Using the same controller that leads to chain formation, we study a group of three robots that has to find a prey object placed in the environment, and then establish a connection between the prey object and the nest.

Control >> Finding object/goal

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